The following is a republication and updating (for job titles) of a policy that has been in practice for 15 years. --VPGE

Policy on Graduate Research Assistant Tuition

The University provides one-half of a graduate research assistant's or fellow's tuition cost when an externally-funded research grant or contract provides the other half and the student is paid a stipend from the grant that is at least at the minimum University Fellowship level. The following criteria have been established for this subsidy:

  1. Only full-time graduate students funded through faculty research grants are eligible;
  2. Only those students who are performing research on the sponsored research agreement as evidenced by their receiving compensation at least as high as the level for the minimum University Fellowship stipend as a Research Assistant (Job Class 206060 or Job Class 206061) or a Research Fellow (Job Class 217303) will be eligible;
  3. The University will provide an amount for tuition equal to the amount charged to the grant; and
  4. Graduate students supported by training grants, fellowship awards, unrestricted funds or other restricted funds are not eligible.

Questions concerning the eligibility of particular students or groups of students should be addressed to the Vice Provost for Graduate Education. Exceptions will be granted only upon recommendation of the cognizant Dean and with the approval of the Vice Provost for Graduate Education. Questions concerning the processing of tuition subsidy payments should be addressed to the responsible school business officer.

-- Office of the Vice Provost for Graduate Education

Almanac, Vol. 45, No. 25, March 23, 1999