Wharton Near-Campus Sessions

The Wharton School will host two conferences at the Pennsylvania Convention Center this month:

  • On February 19, the eighth annual Latin American Conference, Weathering the Global Storm, will address economic challenges facing Latin America in the wake of the current global emerging markets crisis. This year's conference will be broadcast live to the Caribbean, Central, and South American regions, and is expected to attract over 500 business leaders, government officials, diplomats, journalists, academics and students.

To register for the conference, or for more information, call 573-5598.

  • On February 26, the third annual technology conference, Business Opportunities in the Digital Economy, will focus on key challenges affecting businesses within the Internet and high-technology industries. It is organized by the Wharton Technology Club, which is comprised of over 200 Wharton MBA students, making it the School's largest and most active student club. The club's mission is to assist Wharton students in attaining employment in high-tech fields, educating the students about technologies and career opportunities, and providing support to those students with high-tech entrepreneurial aspirations.

To register for this conference or for more information, call 898-4159 or visit www.whartontechclub.org.

Almanac, Vol. 45, No. 20, February 16, 1999