Academic Jobs, Academic Life:
Faculty Conversations With Doctoral Students & Post-docs

A series of Conversations on the Academic Job Search and Academic Life begins today under the auspices of Career Services and the Vice Provost for Graduate Education. All sessions will meet from noon until 1 p.m., in the McNeil Building, at the rooms shown below. Participants may bring lunch. To sign up, send e-mail to or call 898-7530.

  • January 26 Negotiating an Academic Job Offer--Humanities/Social Sciences, Dr. Vicki Mahaffey, professor of English; Room 103.
  • January 29 Behind the Scenes with a Search Committee, Dr. Walter Licht, SEAS associate dean for graduate studies/professor of history; Room 285-86.
  • February 2 Negotiating an Academic Job Offer--Science/Engineering, Dr. Dwight Jaggard, SEAS associate dean for education and research/professor of electrical engineering, Room 103.
  • February 12 Maintaining Relationships with Advisors and Other Faculty Members, Dr. Eduardo Glandt, SEAS interim dean/professor of chemical engineering, Room 285-86.
  • February 16 Having a Life: Balancing Professional and Personal Responsibilities; Dr. Peter Conn, professor of English, Room 103.
  • February 19 Dual Career Couples and Academic Jobs, Dr. Kathy Edin, assistant professor of sociology; Dr. John Crawford, assistant professor of psychology, Room 285-86.
  • March 19 The First Year in a New Faculty Position: Getting Started Right, Dr. Caroline Weber, assistant professor of Romance languages, Room 285-86.

Almanac, Vol. 45, No. 18, January 26, 1999