The Steinberg Symposium

On November 17-19, in the latest of a series of symposia supported by Saul and Gayfryd Steinberg, the School of Arts and Sciences assembled panels of mayors and ministers, professors and professionals, to examine initiatives in "Putting Faith in America's Cities." In three days of classes, lectures and panel discussions open to the public, liberals and conservatives sat down together to discuss how to work on the streets and in the executive suites to save at-risk children and improve America's cities.

Photographs by Stuart Watson

The symposium's sponsors Saul Steinberg (seated) and Gayfrd Steinberg talk with Professor Ted Hershberg before the Mayors' panel in Harrison Auditorium at the University Museum.

Some Speakers in the Symposium
Above: The keynote speaker--Princeton Public Policy Professor John J. DiIulio Jr., C '80 (on the right), --and Philadelphia Police Commissioner John Timony. Above: Philadelphia Health Commissioner Estelle Richman, who talked about new initiatives in collaborative management of city agencies.



Above: Rev. Isaac Miller of North Philadelphia's Church of the Advocate, Rev. Eugene E. Rivers III of Boston and Rev. Dean Truelar of Philadelphia talked about faith-based programs for inner city youth.

At right: At a panel discussion on the work of four of America's most innovative big-city mayors, Penn's Professor Michael Katz appeared with Philaelphia's Ed Rendell, C '65, Baltimore's Kurt Schmoke; Professor DiIulio (who moderated); New Orleans's Marc Morial,C'80, and Indianapolis's Stephen Goldsmith.


Almanac, Vol. 45, No. 13, November 24, 1998