The following has been updated from a message Dr. Ramsden published in a Faculty Club newsletter this fall.

The Faculty Club:

From Now Until the Move Across Walnut Street

The Faculty Club will operate in full gear for this academic year as we anticipate the move to new quarters across the street at the Inn at Penn.

As you watch the construction progress, look particularly at the West end on Walnut Street from the large window westward. The large window will be in the University Living Room, the bay window will be in the cafeteria dining room, and the next big window will be in the à la carte dining room. The door on Walnut Street will be identified as the Faculty Club entrance, with stairs and elevator access to the second floor entrance into the Club.

An ad hoc subcommittee of the Board has worked during the past year with the interior designer to arrive at a decor that is more than attractive--it is gracious as well. Mr. Burrison has been consulted so that the art gallery will have the best display surface for the shows throughout the year. The ad hoc committee has worked for over a year to work out the terms of agreement between the University and the Faculty Club to assure continued presence of the Club on the campus, and continued support by the University for this facility.

The document was approved in principle by the Board for the last time at its October 29th meeting. The next step is to develop the management document that will guide the day-to-day operation of the Club in terms that the Board, the Inn operator, and the University can agree to.

The Executive Director, Dan Sullivan, has accepted a position in the School of Dental Medicine. We wish him well in his new management position and look forward to his continued presence and activity in the Faculty Club as co-chair of the House Committee. It is nice to have his knowledge and perspective in that role. We welcome the new Executive Director, John Dougherty, who will guide us through this year of transition.

Please join us in the Faculty Club at the monthly special dinners held on Wednesday evenings. These are very popular and offer remarkable value in eating at nominal cost. The next Showcase Dinner is the Holiday Tree Lighting Buffet on December 9, 5:30-7:30 p.m. Mark it on your calendar and bring colleagues, family or friends. I look forward to seeing you there.

--Elsa L. Ramsden, Faculty Club President

Almanac, Vol. 45, No. 13, November 24, 1998