The 1998-99 Penn Phone Book

Cover design by Publications Services; Photography by Bruce Stromberg.

Highlighting Architectural Treasures of the Neighborhood

Penn's 1998-99 Telephone Directory is now being delivered to those who ordered the perfect-bound copies, with spiral-bound deliveries to come shortly.

This year, the covers feature some of the historic residential architecture to be found in University City--on the front, a single example shows a typical corner house, lavish with gingerbread, while the back cover is made up of a montage of several house numbers that caught the photographer's eye.

"Today, these architectural treasures, embellished with picturesque towers and bays, ornamented with decorative brickwork and carved stone, and lighted by leaded glass windows, are the homes for hundreds of Penn's faculty, staff, and students," wrote Leon Rosenthal, Esq., in A History of Philadelphia's University City.

Inside the Phone Book

The Yellow Page listings have been modified to include an optional listing of a departmental web site address (URL). To make room for these web addresses in the departmental section, most of the Book's "Green Page" listings have been eliminated, but the Book points out that much of this information is now available on-line.

An exception is the Business Services' "Green Pages," still published in their original format along with some new features such as information on the Book's page 3 about the new area codes to be implemented in the Philadelphia region. And, PENNCard information is now followed by a Request Form which can be duplicated as needed throughout the year.

Information in the White Pages is available on-line, via the University's Directory Services web page at It will be updated biweekly. Corrections, omissions, or changes to the 1998-99 Faculty and Staff Directory should be submitted in typed form and faxed to Business Services at 898-0488 or submitted via e-mail to

Another recourse is to call the University's Operator Services for a temporary solution. Ask for the supervisor at 898-5371, or fax a memo to 573-5432, and the record will be corrected within a week. These changes will not appear in the printed directory but only on-line, until the next production of the 1999-2000 directory. To order additional copies of the Telephone Directory or inquire about orders please call Corinne Bui at 898-9155 or e-mail at

Almanac, Vol. 45, No. 10, November 3, 1998