This Year's Mayor's Scholars

Forty-three new Mayor's Scholars--graduates of public, parochial and private Philadelphia high schools--who receive scholarships from Penn in an arrangement with the City, joined Penn this fall. These students bring Penn's total number of Mayor's Scholars in the four undergraduate classes to 145, who share approximately $3.1 million in grant aid from Penn. The 43 joined 81 other freshmen from the City who chose Penn (from a total of 198 Philadelphians offered admission this year). Of the Philadelphia freshmen matriculated, 62 who were not selected as Mayor's Scholars will receive $794,000 in grant aid.

Of the 43 new Mayor's Scholars, 28 graduated from 7 Philadelphia public high schools, 12 graduated from archdiocesan schools, and three graduated from private secondary schools. They reside in 23 different zip codes in the city, representing many neighborhoods. Their average aid package is about $27,500 consisting entirely of grants and work study, and do not include any student loans.

Penn now has some 515 Philadelphia undergraduates, not counting those enrolled in part-time and evening programs.

--Office of City and Community Relations

--Office of Student Financial Services

Lower Rate for 10Base-T Connections

Information Systems and Computing (ISC) lowered its monthly rate for ISC-supported 10Base-T Ethernet connections on October 1, 1998. The rate reduction is part of a program to encourage the University community to complete the transition from 10Base2 (coax) to 10Base-T (twisted-pair) Ethernet wiring and connections. The newer unshielded, twisted-pair cable (called Category 5), coupled with switched electronics, allows for greater bandwidth, faster speeds, and quicker problem resolution.

The new rate is $19.25 a month per 10Base-T connection, a $3.00 per month decrease. A further rate reduction is expected on July 1, 1999. By comparison, the 10Base2 rate is currently $26.00 a month per connection and is expected to go up to $30.00 a month per connection on July 1, 1999.

ISC Networking will also continue to convert existing 10Base2 connections to 10Base-T free of charge between now and June 30, 1999. The $91.00 fee per 10Base-T connection will be waived for clients who ask ISC to disconnect an existing 10Base2 connection and simultaneously activate a new 10Base-T connection in the same wall plate or room. The free conversion offer is applicable only on ISC-supported 10Base2 connections and excludes new wiring charges that may be needed.

In addition, since 10Base2 connections are no longer strategic and are not likely to be supported for more than two or three years, ISC will no longer install coax cables for new 10Base2 connections as of January 5, 1999.

For new installations or to schedule a conversion, please call 898-9654 or send e-mail to installs@isc.upenn.edu.

--Michael Palladino, Executive Director, ISC Networking

Counterfeit Alert: Even the New $50

The following memorandum was received October 28, from the University of Pennsylvania Cashier's Office:

  • Please be advised of the recent widespread usage of counterfeit money throughout the campus, including the newly issued $50 bill.
  • The Office of the Cashier advises all departments accepting cash to use the counterfeit marking pens on all denominations.
  • Please contact the Cashier's Office at 898-7258 or e-mail deporter@pobox.upenn.edu to obtain a pen and further information.

Ed. Note: In response to a query, Lynn DePorter said the old $20 bill and the $5 bill are turning up in the counterfeit being received--and although the new $20 has not been spotted, the speed with which the $50 was counterfeited indicates caution with all bills.

It's the Veranda

A naming party was held during Homecoming for the newly renovated house at 3615 Locust Walk which the VPUL's Office has renovated as a non-acoholic social center and gathering place for undergraduate and graduate students. The former fraternity house is on the north side of Locust Walk, two doors west of The Palladium.

Almanac, Vol. 45, No. 10, November 3, 1998