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Quality of Worklife

A new section has been added to the new Human Resources web page at reference point for the new Quality of Worklife initiative that provides "programs and services to help make the work experience at Penn positive, constructive and productive." Clicking on the Quality of Worklife button on the HR home page will lead to information on:

  • Work Life Balance (Flexible Work Options, Dependent Care Support Services);
  • Staff Recognition and Appreciation
  • (Penn Family Day, Spring Appreciation, Length of Service Awards, President's Reception for 25 Years of Service); and Promotion and Wellness (Employee Assistance Program, GlobalFit, Wellness & Fitness, UPHS Corporate Wellness Program).

"Quality of Worklife programs are important in the workplace," said John Heuer, Vice President for Human Resources. "The University is dedicated to supporting employees' efforts to balance work and personal responsibilities, as well as to support professional development, community service and personal health and wellness goals. We hope you will find these programs of assistance to you in managing your work and family life."

Almanac, Vol. 45, No. 9, October 27, 1998