Project S.A.V.E.: An Anti-Theft Program for Cars

On Wednesday, October 21, the University's Division of Public Safety, Special Services Department, in conjunction with the 18th Police District, will sponsor Project S.A.V.E. (Stolen Auto Verification Effort). This is being conducted to decrease the number of vehicles that are stolen in the City of Philadelphia. This program is not a guarantee that a vehicle registered in the program will not be stolen, but a vehicle that has a decal affixed to the window is less likely to be a target for the criminal, thus in turn making it less likely to be stolen.

Those interested will voluntarily give the Police permission to stop their vehicle during certain hours of the day when the vehicle is not usually operated. The owner of the vehicle will also be required to sign a waiver giving the Police permission to investigate the operator and vehicle if stopped during the times specified. If the vehicle is observed being operated during the hours selected for the program, the vehicle will be stopped by the Police and an investigation conducted regarding the ownership of the vehicle. If the operator of the vehicle cannot produce proof of ownership and does not know the name and address of the owner, he/she will be taken to the nearest Police District for further investigation and the legal owner will be contacted. When proof is presented upon being stopped, the information will be verified and the operator will be able to continue to operate the vehicle.

Faculty, staff, and students, as well as members of the surrounding community, are invited to participate in this crime prevention effort. To register, those who live or work in the 18th Police District, should present their vehicle registration card and a valid driver's license between noon and 4 p.m. on October 21, at the Special Services Department, 4026 Chestnut Street.

For more information, call 898-4481.

--Special Services Department, Division of Public Safety

Almanac, Vol. 45, No. 7, October 13, 1998