Annual Tuberculosis (TB) Screening

To University of Pennsylvania Employees:

All persons working in healthcare settings where active TB is seen are strongly recommended by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to have annual screening for TB. The University of Pennsylvania Medical Center admits the third largest number of TB cases in Pennsylvania. If you work in a clinical or hospital environment at the University of Pennsylvania (or have other contact with patients), it is strongly recommended that you be screened for TB every year. This screening is provided at no charge to you by Occupational Medicine. It consists of a brief questionnaire and, when appropriate, skin testing or chest x-ray. Please report to Occupational Medicine during the month of October for your 1998 TB evaluation.

TB screening is available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. The Occupational Medicine suite is located directly off the main hospital lobby on 34th Street. No appointment is necessary. The Occupational Medicine staff will be happy to answer your questions about TB testing during your evaluation. If you would like a TB evaluation and are unable to go to Occupational Medicine during October, you are welcome in November.

Arrangements for TB testing at Presbyterian Hospital or the Scheie Eye Institute can be made by calling 662-8290.

For more information on the University's TB control program, please call Environmental Health and Radiation Safety (898-4453) and ask for Harriet Izenberg or Tom Boyle.

-- Amy J. Behrman, M. D., Director, Occupational Medicine

-- Matthew D. Finucane, Director, Environmental Health & Radiation Safety

Almanac, Vol. 45, No. 6, October 6, 1998