Transition at AARC, Community Partnerships

Jack Lewis, associate clinical director of HUP's Outpatient Psychiatry Clinic, has been named Associate Director of the African American Resource Center, succeeding Isabelle Sampson-Mapp, who has moved to the Center for Community Partnerships as Associate Director of the Penn Staff, Faculty and Alumni Volunteer Service.

"We are extremely fortunate to have found someone with a wealth of experience in both program administration and counseling," said AARC's director Jeanne Arnold in announcing the apppointment of Mr. Lewis. "The fact that Jack is already familiar with the environment as a Penn alum and HUP professional is a plus" for AARC, which works to enhance the quality of life of African American faculty, staff and students at Penn.

Mr. Lewis, who took his B.A. in psychology at Johns Hopkins in 1979, came to Penn for his M.S.W., which he received in 1981. Since graduation he has has been a psychiatric social worker with the Defender Association of Philadelphia, 1983-89; a social worker with HUP, 1989-93; and this past year has also a psychotherapist in the University's EAP program, the Penn-Friends Behavioral Health System.

Ms. Sampson-Mapp,who holds a degree in early childhood education from Brooklyn's Medgar Edgars College and an M.S.W. from Columbia along with a certificate from HERS, had been with AARC for eight years before jneding CCP-where she coordinates numerous mentoring, tutoring and shadowing programs with community schools; conducts drives to assist children and others, and oversees PennVIPS, the widely known volunteer program initiated by Bonnie Ragsdale and continued on an acting basis by Winnie Smart-Mapp since Ms. Ragsdale joined the People's Emergency Center last year. Dr. Ira Harkavy, the CCP director who announced Ms. Sampson-Mapp's appointment, said "She has done a superb job at the African American Resource Center, and she will do a superb job in the Center for Community Partnerships.

"Winnie [Smart-Mapp] has been extraordinary, fulfilling the responsibilities of two very demanding positions with skill and professionalism. She could not have done a better job." Ms. Smart-Mapp continues in her original position as assistant director of CCP.

[More staff changes June 16.--Ed.]

Almanac, Vol. 44, No. 34, May 19/26, 1998