Wanted: Lab Equipment

REMEDY is in search of lab equipment for Penn's Upward Bound science courses. Any materials suitable for high school biology, chemistry, and physics courses will help ensure that underprivileged students not only graduate from high school but go on to successfully complete college and beyond.

Equipment can include anything from table-top centrifuges to glassware and hot plates, but it must be functional. Please feel free to call me at 573-3314 or e-mail me at krakowsk@mail.sas.upenn.edu if you have donations, questions or suggestions.

-- Andrew C. Krakowski, Director, REMEDY in Philly

Student Employment Office: New Location

The Student Employment Office has recently moved to 204 South 40th Street/6175. The telephone and fax numbers remain the same.

Countdown and Calendar Deadlines

There is no issue of Almanac scheduled for May 19, so the issue of May 12 will contain an Update for May at Penn which will cover May 13 through May 27. The deadline for that Update is May 5.The deadline for Summer at Penn (which will apprear in the May 26 issue) is May 12.

Almanac's projected schedule in May is as follows:
  • we come out May 12
  • skip May 19
  • and publish May 26.


Almanac, Vol. 44, No. 32, May 5, 1998