Report of the Senate Committee on Academic Freedom and Responsibility

The Senate Committee on Academic Freedom and Responsibility (SCAFR) did not have any cases brought to it this year, although the chair did consult with members of the faculty and school committees on academic freedom and responsibility (CAFRs) on procedural matters relating to academic freedom concerns. SCAFR distributed to the school CAFRs the statement of Procedural Principles for School Committees (Almanac February 25, 1997) that was developed by the committee and approved by the Senate Executive Committee in April, 1997. Following the distribution of the statement, SCAFR held a meeting for members of the school CAFRs to discuss the procedural principles. The committee recommends that this practice be continued in future years.

At the request of SEC and at its own initiative, responding to concerns expressed by several members of the faculty, SCAFR undertook to ascertain what formal procedures for post-tenure review currently exist, or are being contemplated, by the various schools of the University. SCAFR undertook to consider whether any of these procedures might constitute grounds for concern, such as possible infringement on academic freedom. In February SCAFR wrote to each of the deans, requesting information on procedures currently employed, or contemplated, and we have now received replies from all but two of the schools. These materials will be examined and considered by next year's SCAFR.

-- Larry Gross, Chair

Almanac, Vol. 44, No. 31, April 28, 1998