Pullout: Report of the Provost's Committee on Distributed Learning


Nine amendments were made by the Commitee of the Whole at Philadelphia City Council last week. Following are the verbatim texts, and a letter submitted to City Council by the University. For the originals referred to in these amendments, please see www.upenn.edu/foodplaza.

Amendments to Vending Bill

  1. Delete all text in §9-206(1)(i), and mark that subsection "Reserved."
  2. In §9-206(5)(b), delte the phrase ", and subject to the recommendations of the Vending Advisory Board, if any, for the affected Neighborhood Business District."
  3. In §9-9-206(8)(a), delete the phrase "in consultation with the Vending Advisory board if any, of the relevant Neighborhood Business District."
  4. In §9-206(10)(b)(.1), in the first paragraph following subsection (T), delete the phrase ", as well as the recommendations of the University City Vending Advisory Board."
  5. Delete all text in §9-206(10)(b)(.2)(A), and mark that subsection "Reserved."
  6. Revise the first sentence of §9-206(10)(b) (.2)(B) to read in its entirety: "the Department shall promulgate regulations devising procedures to choose among applications for a particular block face or location, including, but not limited to, preference based on seniority."
  7. In §9-206(10)(b)(.2)(C), delete in the first sentence the phrase ", after review by and comment by the University City Vending Advisory Board" and delete in the fourth sentence the phrase ", after review and comment by the University City Vending Advisory Board."
  8. Delete all text in §9-206(10)(b.)(.2)(J), and substitute the following text: "(J) To reimburse the City for the loss of parking meter revenue, street vendors assigned to locations in the University City District shall pay in addition to the license and renewal fee imposed under subsection 9-203(5), an annual fee of two thousand seven hundred fifty dollars ($2,750)."
  9. Revise Section 3 of the Bill to read in its entirety: "Section 3. Effective Date. This Ordinance shall take effect ninety (90) days after it becomes law."

Letter Sent to The Hon. John Street

April 15, 1998

Dear Council President Street:

In light of the concerns expressed by the Department of Licenses and Inspections regarding the inclusion of language in Bill No. 980022 establishing a Vending Advisory Board, we would like to express once again our willingness to participate in any forum City Council and the Department would consider appropriate to ensure the smooth implementation of the Vending Ordinance and to address issues that may arise in the future as vending in University City continues to evolve. We anticipate that our neighbor institutions, such as the University City Science Center and the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia would also participate in this forum.

Assuming that such an arrangement would be acceptable to City Council and the Department of Licenses & Inspections, we will promptly begin working with you, Councilwoman Blackwell, Commissioner Egan, and all other necessary parties to establish such a body as quickly as possible.

      Carol R. Scheman, Vice President for Government,
      Community and Public Affairs

Almanac, Vol. 44, No. 30, April 21, 1998