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 The University Of Pennsylvania Police Department
Community Crime Report

This summary is prepared by the Division of Public Safety and includes all criminal incidents reported and made known to the University Police Department between the dates of March 9, 1998 through March 15, 1998. The University Police actively patrols from Market Street to Baltimore Avenue and from the Schuylkill River to 43rd Street in conjunction with the Philadelphia Police. In this effort to provide you with a thorough and accurate report on public safety concerns, we hope that your increased awareness will lessen the opportunity for crime. For any concerns or suggestions regarding this report, please call the Division of Public Safety at 898-4482.

Crimes Against Persons

34th to 38th/Market to Civic Center: Simple Assaults--2; Threats & Harassment--1
03/10/98 2: 13 PM Clincal Research Bldg. Complainant assaulted by known person
03/13/98 11:25 AM Franklin Bldg. Terminated exployee threatened employer
03/14/98 11:36 AM 3423 Walnut St. Complainant threatened verbally and with pen

Crimes Against Property

34th to 38th/Market to Civic Center: Total Thefts (& Attempts)--8; Thefts of Auto (& Attempts) --1; Thefts from Autos--2; Thefts of Bicycles & Parts--1; Criminal Mischief & Vandalism--4
03/09/98 8 33 AM 3400 Blk. Sansom Briefcase taken from auto
03/09/98 9:02 PM 3400 Blk. Chestnut Rear window broken/backpack taken
03/09/98 9:50 PM 3700 Blk. Chestnut Vehicle taken from highway
03/10/98 6:52 PM 3637 Chestnut Wallet taken
03/11/98 2: 23 PM Civic Center Blvd. Vehicle damaged
03/11/98 3:03 PM Civic Center Blvd. Vehicle damaged
03/12/98 12:02 PM 2:00 Blk. 38th Window to auto broken
03/12/98 5:58 PM 3604 Chestnt St. Suspect arrested after taking merchandise without payment
03/12/98 8 10 PM Nursing Ed Bldg. Wallet taken
03/13/98 6:05 PM 132 S 34th St. Male attempted to take coffee/Arrest
03/15/98 12:50 AM Unit Blk. 38th Vehicle broken into
03/15/98 10:50 PM 3700 Blk. Spruce Bike taken while unattended/unsecured
38th to 41st/Market to Baltimore: Burglaries (& Attempts)--1; Total Thefts (& Attempts)--4;
Thefts of Bicycles & Parts--1; Criminal Mischief & Vandalism--1
03/11/98 1:56 PM 4001 Pine St. Male attmepted to flim-flam complainant/left area
03/12/98 4:03 PM 3934 Sansom Report of open property/burglary
03/13/98 12:45 PM 3935 Walnut St. Wallet taken
03/15/98 1:18 PM 3915 Walnut St. Merchandise taken without payment/Arrest
03/15/98 3:52 PM Harnwell House Pry marks by knife left on door
03/15/98 4:22 PM 4000 Blk. Spruce Bike taken
41st to 43rd/Market to Baltimore: Total Thefts (& Attempts)--1; Thefts from Autos--1
03/09/98 5:16 PM Lot #42 Front tire taken from auto
30th to 34th/Market to University: Total Thefts (& Attempts)--3; Thefts of Auto (& Attempts)--1;
Thefts from Autos--1
03/10/98 7:46 AM Lot #37 Toll sticker taken from auto
03/11/98 1:17 PM Rittenhouse Lab Computer taken
03/13/98 5:39 PM Lot #33 Unknown attempted to take vehicle
Outside 30th to 43rd/Market to Baltimore: Total Thefts (& Attempts)--1; Thefts from Autos--1
03/12/98 5:41 PM 4200 Blk. Pine 2: bookbags taken from auto

Crimes Against Society

34th to 38th/Market to Civic Center: Disorderly Conduct--1
03/14/98 11:22 PM 3400 Blk. Sansom Disturbance on highway/Arrest

 18th District Crimes Against Persons

0 Incidents and 0 Arrests were reported between March 9, 1998, and March 15, 1998, by the 18th District, covering the Schuylkill River to 49th Street and Market Street to Woodland Avenue. Officer Collins of the 18th District confirmed that they did not have any crimes against persons to report for this period.

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