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SENATE From the Chair
Cost Containment Report: March 24

At its Special Meeting on March 3, the Senate Executive Committee approved the Report of the Cost Containment Subcommittee of the Committee on Administration, and scheduled publication in Almanac on March 17. SEC commended the chair of the subcommittee, Dr. Solomon Pollack, and its members, Drs. Lou Girifalco and Abba Krieger for a most informative and useful report.

Later Dr. Girifalco (as chair of the parent Committee on Administration) and I agreed to reschedule publication to the March 24 Almanac, to accommodate a request of the Administration for more time to consider the report in order to respond in the same issue. We agreed to this delay in the belief that the University community will benefit from such an an opportunity for exchange of perspectives. We further hope that submitting a complementary response to this report signals an increase in forthright exchanges on this and many other subjects to be covered in the thoughtful reports of all Senate Committees.

The complete report of the Committee on Administration is expected for discussion at SEC later this month, and reports of other SEC committees in April. We anticipate their publication shortly after they are received.


--Vivian C. Seltzer, Chair of the Faculty Senate

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