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Search in Progress: 12 House Deans for 21st Century College Houses

Penn begins this week a national search for the positions of House Deans to staff its 21st Century College Houses, Dr. Christopher Dennis, Director of Academic Programs and Residence Life, announced Monday.

The Deans, who will all live in their respective College Houses, will be the key administrative officers for the Houses and will "work closely with Faculty Masters and future student House Councils in implementing the educational programs of each House," he said. "They will manage local delivery of many academic and student services, including the academic support services of `The Wheel,' and help design and implement a wide variety of educational and co-curricular programming for 5,300 undergraduates in residence." (For a description of `The Wheel,' please click here.)

The twelve College Houses will be integrated into the University's academic support systems, and the House Deans will collaborate with each of the four undergraduate schools in support of their educational objectives and policiesand within the guidelines established by the four undergraduate schools. Dr. Dennis added. "The positions come from a realignment of the old residential living administrative structure, and are part of the continuing effort to bring resources formerly in auxiliary areas, more directly in support of the academic mission of the University and to support the academic priorities of the Agenda for Excellence."

All of the House Deans are expected to be appointed by July 1.

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