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Staff Info Session: February 26

All A-1 and A-3 employees of the University are invited to a special information session to be held Thursday, February 26, from noon to 1:30 p.m. in 102 Chemistry Building, 34th & Spruce, under the joint aegis of the Penn Professional Staff Assembly (PPSA) and the A-3 Assembly.
Executive Vice President John Fry, Human Resources Vice President Jack Heuer, and the new Director of Professional Employee Development, Annie McKee, will make presentations and answer questions on three topics:

  • Plans for a Skills Development Center;
  • What's Happened Since the P.I.Q.? (the Position Information Questionnaire, a 26-page form filled out last year by all staff as part of HR's classification redesign project); and
  • Phase II of Benefits Redesign.

"This will be an interactive session" said the invitation by PPSA chair Jim Bean and A-3 Assembly chair Donna Arthur. "We hope to have 30 minutes for questions and answers following the presentations." They urged staff to send questions ahead of time via e-mail to at jhbean@pobox, or at


Research Foundation Deadline

Applications for Research Foundation Proposals are due on March 15. Due to space limitations, it is not possible for Almanac to publish the guidelines in this issue. However, these guidelines are available online as published in the October 7, 1997 issue.


Faculty Regalia Sale: March 3-4

The Bookstore invites faculty to order custom-made regalia now and save 15% on all caps, gowns and hoods during the Faculty Regalia Sale, March 3-4, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. An E.R. Moore Co. representative will be on hand to assist in the selection of academic regalia.

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