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The following was received too late to appear with the letter it responds to,
Dr. James Primosch's "Music: A Mixed Message," in Almanac February 3.

Response on Vending/Consultation

After an exchange of several voice mail messages, a member of my staff met with Dr. Primosch on Monday, February 2, 1998, to discuss his concerns relative to the proposed vending ordinance and Fresh Air Food Plazas. The level of concern and interest in proposals to revamp vending on and around Penn's campus has been an important learning experience for me. I believe I understand much more fully the importance of significant and ongoing conversations about plans that affect us all. I also hope that we as a community can get to the "operational" stage-and implement changes that will make vending better, cleaner, safer, and more available.

-- Carol Scheman, Vice President,

Government, Community and Public Affairs

Speaking Out welcomes reader contributions. Short timely letters on University issues can be accepted Thursday noon for the following Tuesday's issue, subject to right-of-reply guidelines. Advance notice of intention to submit is appreciated.--Ed.

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