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Penn Tower Attack

Ms. Toby Laiken, a Penn Cancer Center secretary who suffered facial injuries from an intruder in the Center's offices in the Penn Tower Hotel last week, continues at HUP in fair condition, a HUP spokesperson said. Philadelphia and campus police are cooperating in an investigation (click here for more, and watch for updates on the web at into the break-in Monday, January 19. Ms. Laiken, who routinely comes to work very early, is believed to have walked in on an intruder when she arrived at 5:30 a.m.

Rebecca Harmon of PennMed Public Affairs said the assault had shocked the PennMed family, since HUP and Penn Tower space are viewed as "a particularly safe place to work." Systems are being reviewed to see what can be done to improve security further, she said.

Vending Session: January 29

Penn Consumer Alliance, in conjunction with GAPSA, has scheduled a round-table discussion on achieving a compromise on the vending ordinance issue. All University constituency groups, as well as representatives of vendors, local businesses, and community residents have been invited to send representatives. Open to the University community as observers, the meeting will start at 4:30 p.m. Thursday, January 29.

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