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Houston Hall Relocations: Swing Space for Some, New Homes for Others

As the start of Houston Hall renovations approaches, swing space has been identified for some of the student and staff offices now there, and others are moving to new permanent locations.

The 107-year-old student union is scheduled to close in May for about 18 months as part of the construction of the Perelman Quadrangle that will link Houston, Irvine, College, Logan and Williams Halls around a redesigned plaza.

Dr. Valarie Swain-Cade McCoullum and the student-led Perelman Quadrangle Space Allocation Board announced these spring 1998 moves:

  • The Program for Student-Community Involvement (PSCI), will move into the building formerly occupied by the Division of Public Safety at 3914 Locust Walk, to form the basis of a new Community Service Learning Center (click here for full story).
  • The Office of Health Education will also be at 3914 Locust Walk temporarily, until permanent space for its programs is identified. Dr. McCoullum said the University's Space Committee is working to find permanent space for the program prior to the May closing of Houston Hall.
  • Moving to Carriage House on Irving Street, but returning to Houston Hall when work is completed in 1999, will be three administrative offices--Student Life Activities and Facilities, Financial Services Center, and Student Life/Room Reservations--plus these student organizations:
Undergraduate Assembly (UA)
Nominations and Elections Committee
Student Committee on Undergraduate Education (SCUE)
Student Activities Council (SAC)
Social Planning and Events Committee (SPEC) and
The Class Boards.
  • GAPSA, which will move temporarily to the first floor of Graduate Tower B, will also return permanently to Houston Hall after renovations are complete.
  • Penn Student Agencies (PSA) will move temporarily to the Carriage House, but its permanent space will be in Williams Hall.
  • The Penn Student Credit Union will move to permanent space on the second floor of 3401 Walnut Street.

Last summer, as work on the Perelman Quad necessitated the temporary closing of Irvine Auditorium and affected a number of student performing arts groups, a new permanent scene shop was developed at 4100 Walnut for the performing arts, and the former MTI Theatre in Tabernacle church--now known as the Iron Gate Theatre--was leased and renovated. Temporary rehearsal spaces were leased in St. Mary's Church on Locust Walk and in the Gwen Bye studios in University City, and temporary performing arts student office spaces are now located in the Rotunda at 40th and Walnut Streets.

The Perelman Quadrangle Space Allocation Board will begin receiving requests in February from other student groups located in Houston Hall, Dr. McCoullum said, as part of the student-led, annual office allocation process.

"I am grateful to the many undergraduate, graduate and professional students, faculty members and staff colleagues who have worked so tirelessly and collaboratively over the past months both to develop a program and recommend relocation options," said Dr. McCoullum, adding that she was grateful that the University Space Committee was "very sensitive to the students' thoughtful proposals."

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