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Several offices (Ben Franklin Scholars/General Honors, Career Planning and Placement Service, the College, and the Office of International Programs) have joined forces to present the sixth annual Graduate Study and Academic Careers Series. The series, designed to help undergraduates learn more about graduate study in the arts and sciences, also helps them consider careers in which they could use the skills they gain through doctoral study.

All sessions run from 4-5:30 p.m. in Room 285/6, McNeil Building, 3718 Locust Walk:

January 27 Fellowships
February 4 Graduate School: Getting In and Staying In
February 12 Can You Live Without a Ph.D.?

The January 27 program, Fellowships, will include Penn graduate students and faculty who have held prestigious national scholarships that support graduate study in the U.S. and abroad. Panelists include three members of the University who took their undergraduate degrees at Penn and won prestigious national and international awards for graduate study: Dr. Chip Hunter, assistant professor of management, who took his B.S. here and received Truman and Thouron awards; Theresa Simmonds, an alumna of urban studies and environmental studies who became both a Rhodes Scholar and Truman Scholar; and Kieran Snyder, a Ph.D. candidate in Linguistics who earned her B.A. here and received a Javitz Award.

In the February 4 program, Graduate School: Getting In and Staying In, four graduate students will describe their experiences: Tim Bonn (Chemistry), Kim Lau (Folklore and Folklife), Litty Paxton (American Civilization), and Scott Silverstone (Political Science). In addition, Dr. Mary Heiberger, associate director of the Career Planning and Placement Service, will discuss What to Find Out Before You Accept Your Admissions Offer. Dr. Heiberger, co-author of the Academic Job Search Handbook, has helped thousands of doctoral students with both academic and non-academic job searches.

Concluding the series on February 12, the panelists for Can You Live Without a Ph.D.? include Dr. Stephen M. Epstein, who earned a Ph.D. in anthropology at Penn and serves as associate director of the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology; Dr. Paul Goldin, who earned a B.A. at Penn and is an assistant professor of Chinese Language and Literature; Dr. Walter Licht, professor of history and director of the Graduate Division and associate dean for Graduate Studies, SAS; and Dr. Erin O'Connor, assistant professor of English.

Although the panels are designed for undergraduates, they are open to all members of the University community.

For more information: Linda Wiedmann of Ben Franklin Scholars /General Honors (898-7451); Gail Glicksman of Career Planning and Placement Service (898-7324); Eric Schneider of the College (898-6341); or Ann Kuhlman of International Programs (898-4661).

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