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Special Committee on Alcohol Abuse

In the fall, many of you shared my growing concern about the problems of binge-drinking and alcohol-related assaults. Binge-drinking and related violence have become national phenomena and students at other universities and colleges have died tragically from them.

At the October meeting of University Council, I initiated a campus-wide conversation on these critical issues. My deepest thanks to all who participated. At Council, I also announced my intention to convene a group to consider issues of binge-drinking and alcohol-related assaults and violence on campus and to make recommendations on a coordinated set of new initiatives. I am pleased to now announce the appointment of a Special Committee on Alcohol Abuse.

I have asked the Committee members to use their special expertise to review the issues and the suggestions made thus far, then make recommendations to me. I am grateful that such a thoughtful group has agreed to work on this important issue this semester.

The members of the Committee are:

Chair: Dr. Charles P. O'Brien, Professor and Vice Chair of Psychiatry
Dr. Ann W. Burgess, Van Ameringen Professor of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing
Ms. Barbara Cassel, Associate Vice Provost for University Life
Mr. Greg K. Dubrow, EDP '99
Dr. Alfred P. Fishman, Chair of Rehabilitation Medicine
Ms. Michele A. Goldfarb, Director of the Office of Student Conduct
Dr. Roberta R. Iversen, Assistant Professor/Clinician-Educator in Social Work
Ms. Lucy E. Kerman, Special Projects Coordinator, Office of the President
Mr. Michael E. Kraver, College '99
Dr. James J. O'Donnell, Professor of Classical Studies, Vice Provost for Information Systems and Computing, Faculty Master of Hill College House
Ms. Karen E. Pasternack, College '98
Mr. Scott H. Reikofski, Director of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs
Ms. Maureen S. Rush, Director of Police Operations
Ms. Kate Ward-Gaus, Health Educator in the Office of Health Education, DART Advisor, Co-chair Alcohol and Other Drug Task Force

Please join me in giving this group your strong support. This is an issue of vital importance to all of us.

-- Judith Rodin, President

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