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Review of Student's Athletic Eligibility

A four-member committee at the University of Pennsylvania will "investigate all relevant facts and circumstances concerning the alleged academic ineligibility" of a Penn football player who participated in the 1997 season, according to an announcement made December 3 by Provost Stanley Chodorow.

Dr. Chodorow named Dr. Peter J. Hand, professor of anatomy in the department of animal biology in the School of Veterinary Medicine, to chair the committee with Dr. Bernard Lentz, director of institutional research and analysis, and Dr. Wayne L. Worrell, professor of materials science and engineering, as members. Debra F. Fickler, associate general counsel, will serve as an ex officio member of the committee.

Provost Chodorow said that the committee also has been asked to review the Department of Recreation and Intercollegiate Athletics' systems for monitoring student eligibility, its practices in dealing with eligibility issues, and its specific actions in this case.

The committee began its investigation on December 3 and is expected to complete its work in seven to 10 days.

Ed. Note: Coverage of the matter described above began in the Philadelphia Inquirer November 27, 1997, and continued there and in other media including the Daily Pennsylvanian of December 2-5. An exchange of letters on the topic appears in Speaking Out on page 6 of this issue.


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