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At the Stated Meeting of Trustees on November 7, Dr. Roy Vagelos introduced the Hon. Gilbert F. Casellas, Chairman of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, as the chair of a new trustees committee. Following is the chair's first report, delivered in shorter form at the Stated Meeting.

Trustee Committee on Neighborhood Initiatives

The Committee on Neighborhood Initiatives was established in September, 1997. The charge of the Committee is to support the University efforts to promote development of its West Philadelphia community in partnership with neighborhood residents, institutions and community groups. Among other things it will specifically support the efforts for:

(a) the development of excellent local public schools, high quality residential opportunities and vibrant retail shopping areas and

(b) the creation of clean, safe, attractive streetscapes and the creation of jobs through continuing economic development.

The members of the Committee are:

Hon. Leonore Annenberg (Emeritus) Ms. Lynda Barness
Hon. Gilbert F. Casellas, Chair Mrs. Susan W. Catherwood
Dr. Gloria Twine Chisum Mrs. Elsie Sterling Howard
Mr. William L. Mack Arthur Makadon, Esq.
Mr. Egbert L. J. Perry Mrs. Vivian W. Piasecki
Dr. P. Roy Vagelos Mr. Richard B. Worley
Dr. Judith Rodin, Designated University Officer

The Committee held its first meeting last month. It was briefed on the current state of our West Philadelphia community, its demographics, its needs and its potential and on the status of development initiatives, including Sansom Common and 40th street, as well as future plans. The Committee will continue to meet regularly so as to support these important efforts by the University.

-- Gilbert F. Casellas, Chair

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