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Search for Assailant in Attempted Hijack

College Senior James McCormack has been released from HUP, where he was treated for a gunshot wound Tuesday night after an attempted hijacking of his car.

Philadelphia and Penn Police are continuing the search for a man who demanded Mr. McCormack's car keys as he was unloading groceries from the trunk of his car about 9:30 p.m. near a friend's apartment in the 4200 block of Pine. When Mr. McCormack did not hand over the keys, the man shot him and fled on foot. Witnesses described the fleeing man as a 25-35-year- old black male about 5' 8'', with a beard and mustache, wearing a green army jacket with a gray hood. He reportedly ran west on Pine, south on 43rd Street and then west on Osage before witnesses lost sight of him, according to The Daily Pennsylvanian.

Director of Police Operations Maureen Rush told the D.P. that additional plainclothes officers will patrol the area until the assailant is caught. President Judith Rodin said, "We are, we've been, we will continue to make the area safer and safer," citing a sharp drop in crime since the increase in patrols and other measures such as new lighting and new joint ventures with the neighborhood.

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