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VP/Human Resources: Jack Heuer of HR

John J. Heuer, a member of the human resources division for almost 15 years and director of staff and labor relations for the past two, has been named Vice President for Human Resources, effectively immediately, according to an announcement by Executive Vice President John A. Fry.

"Jack brings a unique combination of background and experience to this position, Mr. Fry said, adding that "it is with a great deal of pleasure that we have been able to conclude our national search by recognizing one of the truly talented and extraordinarily dedicated professionals we have within our organization."

Mr. Heuer, who holds a master's degree from Penn's Organizational Dynamics Program, received his bachelor's degree in business administration, industrial relations and organization behavior from Temple University in 1983. He then joined Penn Human Resources, where he held positions in personnel and benefits, and became a staff-labor relations specialist in 1985. In 1988 moved up to manager of labor relations, and over the next six years he was responsible for establishing and maintaining labor-management relations in the administration of six collective bargaining agreements for more than 1,100 staff. Director of staff and labor relations since 1995, he has been a key member of the internal team managing Human Resources since the resignation of Clint Davidson as vice president in June 1996.

He has participated in professional certification programs at the Community Dispute Settlement Program of Delaware County (1997), the Center for Creative Leadership (1996) and the New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University (1988). He is also a member of the College and University Personnel Association, the Industrial Relations Research Association and the Society for Human Resource Management.

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