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Snow Day Child Care: December 1-April 17

On weekdays between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., from December 1, 1997 through April 17, 1998, Snow Day Child Care will again be available for Penn faculty and staff when the Philadelphia County Public schools are closed due to inclement weather and the University is open. Children attending school in other districts are welcome as well, according to an announcement by the Office of Human Resources.

Care is provided at licensed day care centers in University City for children aged three months through twelve years whose parent is either a regular full-time or part-time faculty or staff member. Space is limited.

Faculty and staff should expect to receive a brochure containing an enrollment packet request form which needs to be completed and returned before using the Snow Day Care.

For further information, please contact Marilyn Kraut, Worklife Programs, Division of Human Resources, at 898-0380.

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