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Six New Faces in SEAS


When The Compass was preparing this year's special insert on new faculty in all of the schools (Almanac October 7), the School of Engineering and Applied Science sent thumbnail sketches of its six new faculty directly from the Dean's Office, and arranged for photographs to be sent from an off-campus source. Inexplicably, the photographs did not arrive. But the Dean has since tracked them down, and we are pleased to present them now on behalf of The Compass.

Rajeev Alur, Associate Professor of Computer and Information Science, specializes in computer-aided verification with strong ties to diverse areas such as CAD, software engineering, real-time systems, and control systems; Ph.D. from Stanford.

Kwabena A. Boahen, Assistant Professor of Bioengineering/Secondary in Electrical Engineering and Skirkanich Term Assistant Professor, specializes in neuro implementation with VLSI with a biology interest; Ph.D. from CalTech.

I-Wei Chen, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and Skirkanich Professor of Materials Innovation, specializes in processing and properties of ceramics and metals, ferroelectrics, and thin films. He joins Penn from a faculty post at the University of Michigan; Ph.D. from MIT.

Zhi-Long Chen, Assistant Professor of Systems Engineering, specializes in operations scheduling and planning; capacity planning and technology choice, logistics and transportation, equipment replacement, and asset allocation; Ph.D. from Princeton.

Scott L. Diamond, Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering/Secondary in Bioengineering, specializes in endothelial cell mechanobiology, drug and gene delivery, thrombolytic therapies, and biotransport phenomena. He joins Penn from a faculty post at SUNY, Buffalo; Ph.D. from Rice.

Camillo J. Taylor, Assistant Professor of Computer and Infor mation Science, specializes in machine vision; sensor-based control of mobile robots; real-time, autonomous control of auto mobiles using stereo vision; and 3-D model recovery of architectural scenes; Ph.D. from Yale.

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