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Center for Community Partnerships: Summer Course Development Grants

The W.K. Kellogg Foundation has provided the University with a three-year grant to link Penn's intellectual resources with community needs in West Philadelphia. The grant supports University faculty to develop new undergraduate courses that combine research with cooperative community projects. In addition, the grant provides support for undergraduates to participate in research opportunities that will both benefit the community and be integrated into the curriculum.

The Kellogg Program focuses on three themes: Culture and Community Studies (coordinator: Peter Conn, Professor of English); Environment and Health (coordinator: Robert Giegengack, Professor of Geology and Director of the Center for Environmental Studies); and Nutrition and Health (coordinator: Francis E. Johnston, Professor of Anthropology).

The Kellogg Program has funds available for faculty members to apply for summer course development grants. Proposals should fall within the three project areas noted above. Grants will be for no more than $3,000 per project. These funds can be used to provide graduate and undergraduate support, course implementation, course support, and/or summer salary ($3,000 is inclusive of E.B. if taken as salary). Criteria for selection will include:

1. Academic excellence

2. Integration of research, teaching and service

3. Partnership with schools, community groups, service agencies, etc.

4. Focus on Philadelphia, especially West Philadelphia

5. Evidence as to how the course activity will involve participation or interaction with the community as well as contribute to improving the community

6. Evidence as to how the course activity will engage undergraduates in research opportunities

7. Potential for sustainability

Proposals should include the following:

1. Cover Page

1.1 Name, title, department, school, mailing address, social security number

1.2 Title of the proposal

1.3 Amount requested

2. 100-word abstract of the proposal (include a description of how the course will involve interaction with the community and benefit the community)

3. A one-page biographical sketch of the applicant

4. A two to four page mini-proposal

5. Amount of the request and budget

An original and five copies of the proposal should be submitted to the Center for Community Partnerships, 133 S. 36th Street, Suite 519, Philadelphia, PA 19104-3246. The application deadline is February 16, 1998.

--Robert Rescorla, Professor of Psychology and Associate Dean for Undergrad. Ed., SAS
--Ira Harkavy, Associate Vice President and Director, Center for Community Partnerships
--Penny Gordon-Larsen, Academic and Administrative Coordinator,
Kellogg Program to Link Intellectual Resources and Community Needs at the University of Pennsylvania

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