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Speaking Out

Following is the promised reply to a letter from CIS Graduate Student Ping Zhou, published in Speaking Out on September 16. Questioning the northward
orientation of the Inn at Penn's entrance and finding a previous answer unsatisfactory, Mr. Zhou asked, "Can't one just say `we have considered that problem and here's why we decided...'?"

Two Front Doors to the Inn

There are two main entrances to the proposed Inn at Penn, the 250-room inn that is being built as part of the overall Sansom Common development. The larger entrance and major "address" of the hotel is on San-som Street. Taxi and auto drop-off will take place there.

A second entrance is located on Walnut Street. This entrance will be pedestrian-oriented. Traffic disruption of the extremely busy Walnut Street will thus be avoided.

--Tom Lussenhop, Managing Director
for Institutional Real Estate

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