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SENATE From the Senate Office

The following statement is published in accordance with the Senate Rules.
Among other purposes, the publication of SEC actions is intended to
stimulate discussion among the constituencies and their representatives. Please communicate your comments to Senate Chair Vivian Seltzer or
Executive Assistant Carolyn Burdon, Box 12 College Hall/6303,
898-6943 or

Actions Taken by the Senate Executive Committee

Wednesday, October 8, 1997

1. Academic Planning and Budget Committee and Capital Council.
Past Faculty Senate Chair Peter Kuriloff noted that membership on the committee binds the Past Faculty Senate to strict confidentiality. He can report to SEC the issues discussed but not substance, with the exception that he can share substance with the Chair and Chair-elect of the Faculty Senate. The committee meets every week and the first meeting covered a full explanation of responsibility center budgeting.

Capital Council has looked at pieces of projects that have been approved and shifting them around.

A former Academic Planning and Budget Committee member expressed concern about the change in confidentiality rules which affects bringing issues to the faculty for discussion and input. Previously, confidentiality in the Academic Planning and Budget Committee was applied only to specific issues, whereas now it is blanket confidentiality.

2. Senate Nominating Committee. The list of nominees submitted by SEC members was considered and the deadline for further nominations was extended until the start of business October 9. A mail ballot will be sent to SEC members and the ninth member will be chosen from SEC at the next meeting.

3. Facilities Management. Faculty Senate Chair Vivian Seltzer announced administration action regarding outsourcing Facilities Management to Trammell Crow which occurred earlier in the day. Discussion followed.

4. Intellectual Property. SEC discussed the Senate Chair's column (
Almanac October 7, 1997) and the issues arising from it.

5. Educational Policy. Chair of the Senate Committee on Students and Educational Policy David Williams verbally introduced a document pertaining to faculty activity in formulating educational policy. SEC expressed its support.

6. Faculty Club Plans. Vice President Steven Murray presented the current plans for the Faculty Club move to the Inn at Penn in the Fall of 1999. Provost Chodorow and Executive Vice President John Fry were also present to respond to questions and suggestions. Mr. Murray reviewed the history of the Faculty Club from its organization in 1959, to the caveat of a 50-year rent-free lease in Skinner Hall, to concern over the growing deficit and the recent two-year long-range discussions on the club's future. He stated the administration is committed to a Faculty Club and the primary goals of the Faculty Club are: a place of community, an upscale restaurant, a cafeteria, and maintaining the club's identity. Under current plans the Inn at Penn will have about 256 rooms, banquet facilities and meeting space, the Faculty Club with its restaurant and a cafeteria (off the main entrance from Sansom Street), and a restaurant, bar and library open to the general public. The operator of the Inn at Penn will work under Penn guidelines and Penn departments will have priority in reserving spaces.

Extended discussion centered on: hours of operation exclusively reserved for members; changes in money flow and continued affordable pricing; concern about the Faculty Club employees; ease of access to and reservation of banquet and meeting space; future use of Skinner Hall; extent of consultation with representatives of the faculty; the decision process for any future increase or reduction in the space allocated; and the significance of the Faculty Club as a community center.

7. Faculty Liaisons to Trustee Committees. Discussion was deferred.

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