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COUNCIL Agenda for October 15

Agenda of the University Council Meeting
Wednesday, October 15, 4 - 6 p.m.
McClelland Hall, The Quad

I. Approval of the minutes of September 24, 1997 meeting (1 minute).

II. Vote: Proposed bylaws revision to lower the quorum for a vote at meetings. Deletion in brackets; insertion underlined (4 minutes)

Section IV. Meetings, 5. Conduct of meetings, revise first sentence to read:
"[A majority] Forty percent of the full membership shall constitute an actual quorum."

III. Discussion Only: Proposed University Council bylaws revisions. Deletions in brackets, insertions underlined (15 minutes).

A. Deferred from 1996-97 Council

Proposed bylaws change to add (in chronological order) to Section II. Membership, 1. Composition, new paragraph (i):
"One elected representative of the United Minorities Council."

B. Recommended by Committee on Committees

1. Add faculty to Committee on Open Expression. Section VI. Committees, 3. Independent Committees (a), revise to read:
"The Committee shall consist of [thirteen] sixteen members: [five] eight faculty members, two A-1 staff members, one A-3 staff member, and five students."

2. Add A-1 and A-3 staff members to the Disability Board. Section VI. Committees, 3. Independent Committees (d), revise to read:
The Committee shall consist of eight faculty members, [and two administrators] two A-1 staff members, two A-3 staff members."

C. Recommended by Steering

Abolish the Student Fulbright Awards Committee. Delete Section VI. Committees, 3. Independent Committees (e) Student Fulbright Awards Committee.

IV. Discussion on Council committees charges for 1997-98 (10 minutes).

V. Discussion on Alcohol and Civility at Penn (90 minutes).

VI. New business agenda items (5 minutes).

VII. Adjournment by 6 p.m.

Council Committee Reports

Based on a preliminary outline of its agenda for the year (Almanac September 23), the Steering Committee of Council released for publication in this issue the reports of the Bookstore, Facilities, and Library Committees. The reports, located here, are to be discussed at a future meeting.


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