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Nassau Fund for Undergraduate Research: October 17 Deadline

To all Faculty:

Each year the Nassau Fund provides grants to about fifteen undergraduates to support prospective research projects. Students in all four undergraduate schools are eligible to apply. Faculty who know of capable undergraduates with forthcoming projects in need of support should urge them to apply. Application materials are available in the undergraduate deans' offices:

  • College of Arts and Sciences: Associate Dean Robert Rescorla, 133 South 36th St./Mezzanine
  • College of General Studies: Associate Dean Richard Hendrix, Suite 100, 3440 Market Street/3335
  • School of Engineering and Applied Science: Associate Dean John Vohs, 111 Towne Building
  • School of Nursing: Associate Dean Mary Naylor, 475 Nursing Education Building
  • Wharton School: Vice Dean Richard Herring, Wharton Undergraduate Division, 1100 Steinberg-Dietrich Hall

Proposals are due in these same offices by October 17, 1997. For more information, see fund.html.

- Council of Undergraduate Deans

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