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The 25 Year Club: Toasting 144 Newcomers October 7

Faculty and staff from all parts of the University gather once a year to celebrate the induction of new members who have completed 25 years of service at Penn. This year's dinner, October 7 in the University Museum, has two changes in the traditional program.

One is a tour before dinner: All members, old and new, are invited to join the tour, by assembling at 4 p.m. in the main lobby (entered from the western courtyard, near the lily pond), where guides will be waiting.

The other is a separate reception for the new members, to begin at 5 p.m. in the Museum Cafe; they will receive their souvenirs of service in a short ceremony.

Meanwhile, the returning members will have their reception in the Upper Egypt Gallery from 5 to 6 p.m. Then both receptions flow into the dinner in the Chinese Rotunda. The 145 new members of the 25 Year Club are:


Dr. Jane Alavi, Hematology/Med

Mr. Marstin Alexander, Treasurer's Office

Dr. Nina Auerbach, English/SAS

Dr. Narayan Avadhani, Animal Biol/Vet

Dr. Ruzena Bajcsy, CIS/SEAS

Dr. William Beck, Ob-Gyn/Med

Dr. Jill Beech, Vet Med

Mr. Richard Bobst, Library

Mr. Gary Bobst, Physical Plant

Ms. Tessa Bocage, Computing

Dr. Hugh Bonner, Pathology/Med

Ms. Audrey Boring-Millman, Vet Med

Dr. Thomas Bott, Biology/SAS

Mr. Joseph Botta, Physical Plant

Ms. Rosemarie Boyle, Rehabi Med

Dr. Karen Buhler-Wilkerson, Nursing

Dr. Loren Burns, Dermatology/Med

Mr. John Cacovean, Admin/Dental Med

Mr. James Cavallaro, Rehab Medicine

Mr. Richard Cherry, Physical Plant

Mr. Paul Cirone, Physical Plant

Dr. Mortimer Civan, Physiology/Med

Mr. William Clark, Computing

Dr. James Clark, Environmental Med

Dr. Charles Clark, Ortho Surgery/Med

Ms. Jenni Cooper, Residence

Dr. David Cope, Otorhinolaryng/Med

Mr. Luis Culp, Morris Arboretum

Mr. William DeLuca, Jr., Physical Plant

Ms. Lynn Deporter, Treas/VP Finance

Ms. Donna Disciullo, Nursing

Dr. Robert Engs, History/SAS

Dr. Warren Ewens, Biology/SAS

Ms. Leona Fields, Pathology/Med/

Mr. Donald Fisher, Environmental Med/

Ms. Rosemarie Flynn., Budget Analysis

Ms. Adele Foster, Dining Services

Ms. Dorothy Framo, Computing

Dr. Carol Franklin, Landscape Arch/GSFA

Mr. Ray Galante, Center for Sleep/Med

Dr. James Galbally, Admin.Dental Med

Dr. Leonard Geiger, Neurology/Medi

Dr. Nicholas Gianpulos, Architecture/GSFA

Mr. Stephen Gluckman, Infectious Diseases

Ms. Jacqueline Gonatas, Pathology/Med

Dr. Joseph Greenberg, Dental Medicine

Mr. Nealy Griffin, Physical Plant

Dr. Monique Guignard-Spielberg,

OPIM, Wharton

Dr. Edwin Haefele, Office of the Treasurer

Mr. Kenneth Harper, University Police

Dr. Barry Hendler, Dental Medicine

Ms. Marita Henry, Dining Services

Dr. Richard Herring, Finance, Wharton

Ms. Catherine Hicks, SAS Graduate

Dr. Eugene Hildreth, Allergy & Immun/Med

Dr. Marcy Hinchcliffe, Nursing

Dr. Renata Holod, History of Art, SAS

Ms. Willamae Howard, Dining Services

Mr. Lewis Johns, Bioengineering

Dr. William Johnson, Pharmacology/Med

Dr. Parviz Kambin, Orthopedic Surgery/Med

Mr. Michael Kearney, Computing

Dr. John Keenan. Systems Engr, SEAS

Mr. SeitoKeenya, University Library

Mr. James Keller, Wharton Undergraduate

Mr. Kenneth Kilbride, Physical Plant

Dr. Victoria Kirkham, Romance Lang/SAS

Ms. Barbara Kitamura, University Library

Ms. Rosemary Klumpp, Social Work

Mr. Thomas Knapp, Physical Plant

Dr. Robert Kunreuther, OPIM, Wharton

Ms. Esther Lafair, Legal Studies/Wharton

Dr. Mercedes Lee, Pathobiology/Vet

Ms. Janet Lentz, Lippincott Library

Dr. Alan Levy, Architecture/GSFA

Ms. Carol Lingle, Linguistics/SAS

Ms. Joan Link, Psychiatry/Med

Dr. Janice Madden, Sociology, SAS

Dr. Alan Magner, Medicine

Ms. Maryellen Malek, Music, SAS

Mr. Salvatore Mannino, University Police

Ms. Linda McCrae, Computing, Wharton

Mr. Donald Montabana, Computing

Dr. Kim Morrisson, Provost's Office

Ms. Eva Muzylowski, Physical Plant

Ms. Jacqueline Nettles, Dining Services

Ms. Robin Niemann, Annenberg Center

Dr. William Nyberg, Ophtamology/Med

Dr. Ann O'Sullivan, Nursing

Dr. Charles Owen, Biochemistry &


Ms. Constance Pagem, Pathology, Medicine

Ms. Zsuzsanna Paltzmann, Physiology/Med

Mr. William Parberry, Music, SAS

Dr. John Petrozzi, Dermatology/Med

Mr. Freddie Plummer, Medical School

Mr. John Preite, Physical Plant

Mr. Anthony Pungitore, Physical Plant

Ms. Beatrice Reid, Psychology/SAS

Ms. Evangeline Richbury, SAS Graduate

Ms. Geraldine Robinson, U. Museum

Ms. Nancy Rodgers, Social Work

Dr. Roger Rogers, Rehabilitation Med

Dr. Meyer Rohtbart, Psychiatry/Med

Dr. Robert Rudolph, Dermatology/Med

Dr. Robert Sadoff, Psychiatry/Med

Ms. Donna Samuel, SEAS Dean's Office

Dr. Peggy Sanday, Anthropology/SAS

Ms. Valerie Sandillo, Treasurer's Office

Dr. Anthony Santomero, Finance, Wharton

Ms. Mary Scotti, Veterinary Medi

Dr. Robert Sharer, Anthropology, SAS

Ms. Deborah Showell, Law School

Mrs. Marilyn Silberberg, U. Counseling

Mr. Richard Simmons, Med Library

Dr. Charles Stanley, Pediatrics, Medicine

Ms. Miriam Stevenson, Provost's Office

Ms. Lenore Stiber, Psychiatry/Med

Dr. James Stinnett, Psychiatry/Med

Mr. Edward Stofer, Residence

Dr. Patrick Storey, Associate Dean/Med

Dr. Robert Stote, Medicine

Ms. Marietta Suber, Dining Services

Dr. Norton Taichman, Pathology/Dent

Dr. Vassilios Theodorides, Pathobiology/Vet

Ms. Jacqueline Thompson, Dining Services

Dr. Henry Trowbridge, Human Resources

Mr. Charles Tucker, Veterinary Med

Dr. Etienne Van De Walle, Sociology/SAS

Mr. James Van Houten, Physical Plant

Dr. Robert Vanarsdall, Admin/Dent

Dr. Susan Wachter, Real Estate/Wharton

Ms. Gillian Wakely, Museum

Lt. Joseph Weaver, University Police

Dr. Annamarie Weber, Biochemistry &


Dr. Robert Weinstein, Ob/Gyn/Med

Dr. Guy Welbon, Religious Studies/SAS

Ms. Anita Whitley, Dining Services

Mr. Michael Wisniewski, Library

Ms. Audrey Wright, Library

Ms. Margaret Yetter, Computing

Dr. Elaine Zackai, Pediatrics/Med

Dr. William Zavod, Pediatrics/Med

Dr. Robert Zimmerman, Radiology/Med

Dr. William Zucker, Management, Wharton

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