Stepping Down: Dean Rescorla

Dr. Robert Rescorla, who has headed the College of Arts and Sciences since July 1994, will leave office December 31, but will continue on the faculty, where he is professor of psychology. Dr. Rescorla's decision was announced to SAS faculty in a September 10 memo from Interim Dean Walter Wales, which read:

"It is with great regret that I announce that Robert Rescorla will step down as Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education and Director of the College on De-cember 31, 1997. Although I am sorry to see Bob leave the College, I also understand his desire to return to research and teaching in the Department of Psychology.

"Throughout his three-year tenure in the College, Bob has been a remarkably energetic champion of undergraduate education at the University with a deep commitment to ensuring the quality of undergraduate teaching. As the head of Penn's largest undergraduate school, Bob has played a major role in the University's 21st Century Project for the Undergraduate Experience. He has greatly expanded and improved the Col-lege's student advising system, increased the number of undergraduate research opportunities, and established several interschool minors. Bob has insisted on nothing less than the best for our students, and his high standards will leave a lasting mark on the College academic experience.

"Very shortly I will appoint a search committee of faculty and students to advise me in the selection of Bob's successor. My goal is to name a new Associate Dean by late fall in order to ensure a smooth transition in the College leadership.

"Bob has been an inspiration to all who care deeply about the intellectual experience of our students here. I know that you join me in wishing him well as he prepares to turn his full attention to his own scholarly activities."