In response to speculation on that the University might move students

from the Graduate Towers in May-although their leases run until July-

Dr. Larry Moneta issued the statement below.


Graduate Towers: No Plans to Move in May

In concert with the Sansom Common development as well as with the development of a comprehensive residential rehabilitation program, the University is reviewing options for renovating the Graduate Towers. These renovations will include repairs to mechanical systems as well as an overall upgrade to furniture, furnishings and common areas. Our intention is to provide high quality facilities to our residents.

We are in the early planning stages of this project and have not yet determined whether or not closing either tower is necessary to accomplish our rehabilitation objectives. Clearly, we are not in a position to begin this work just yet and there are no plans to close either Tower this May. It is our expectation that all leases will be honored through their end date and that residents of Graduate Towers will be notified well in advance of renovation plans and timelines.

Briefing Tonight: A monthly briefing on both the Sansom Common project and the Graduate Towers renovations has been scheduled, and the first of these will take place tonight (September 16) at 7 p.m. in the Red Room of Nichols House. Subsequent briefings are scheduled for the first Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m.

­ Larry Moneta, Associate Vice President for Campus Services