8 The talk by Ann Beyer, to have been given at 12:15 p.m. in the Class of '62 Lecture Hall, John Morgan Building, and sponsored by the Department of Cell and Developmental Biology has been postponed until the fall.

Characterization of a Major Neutralizing Epitope of Human Papillomavirus Type 11; Steve Ludmerer, Merck Research Laboratories; 4 p.m., Grossman Auditorium; Wistar Institute (Wistar Institute).

12 General and Cell Specific Cis Elements Regulate Splicing of the Cardiac Troponin T Pre-mRNA; Thomas Cooper, Baylor College of Medicine; 2 p.m.; Physiology Dept. Conference Room, 4th floor, Richards Building (Pennsylvania Muscle Institute).

Deadlines and Upcoming Schedule

The deadline for the Summer at Penn calendar is May 13. The deadline for the weekly Update is the Monday prior to the week of publication. But please note:

The May 13 Update will cover two weeks, since there will be no issue on May 20.

The last regular weekly issue of the spring semester will be published on May 27. The final issue of Volume 43 will be published June 17. The first issue of Volume 44 will be published July 15, and weekly publication resumes in the fall after Labor Day.--Ed.


Volume 43 Number 33
May 6, 1997

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