GSFA Teaching Award: Dr. Tomlin

The 199697 GSFA G. Holmes Perkins Award will be given to C. Dana Tomlin, associate professor of landscape architecture and regional planning. Before coming to Penn in 1991, Dr. Tomlin taught at Ohio State University School of Natural Resources and the Harvard Graduate School of Design. He holds degrees from Yale, Harvard, and the University of Virginia. As author of Geographic Information Systems and Cartographic Modeling, developer of the Map Analysis Package software, and originator of Map Algebra, C. Dana Tomlin is recognized as one of the world's most influential contributors to the field of geographic information systems (GIS). His current research interests involve the use of digital cartographic techniques in spatial pattern analysis and land use allocation.

The G. Holmes Perkins Excellence in Teaching Award is given in recognition of distinguished teaching and innovation in the methods of instruction in classroom, seminar or studio. G. Holmes Perkins was dean of the Graduate School of Fine Arts from 1951 to 1971. Leading a brilliant, internationally recognized faculty Perkins transformed the school into a modern, interdisciplinary institution committed to social reality, excellence in design and urban renewal.


Volume 43 Number 32
April 29, 1997

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