Speaking Out

The date mentioned at the opening of the following letter was April 17. We appreciate the author's patience as his letter was held for space.--Ed.

Looking Back on Leaving

I am writing because it is my last day here at the University and I wanted to acknowledge a very unrecognized office. I have spent a couple months short of a year in Research Accounting. When I began, the University began implementation of a new Accounting system (FinMIS). Under the leadership of Donald Kearney and Richard Snyder, my colleagues and I have taken on responsiblity of utilizing the new system to the best of our ability. We, as many others, have took it upon ourselves to develop an understanding of the system. I believe Research Accounting has played an instrumental role in the success of the FinMIS conversion process. We have gone above and beyond to assist the field with daily questions and concerns regarding the new system. An office that plays such a critical role in the Accounting of the University should be appreciated. Research Accounting is obviously not financially recognized for their efforts. I regret leaving the University. However, the number one reason for working at the University was the excellent benefit package which has since been reduced. It was understood that the University was not going to compete with the salaries of Corporate America. However, the benefits did partially compensate for the lack of salary. Now that the University has cut back on the benefit package, the incentive for working here has been reduced even greater.

Research Accounting is not the only office concerned with these changes. I believe the employees of the University have not been given their chance to voice an opinion on these drastic changes, which will affect their work performance.

I just want to reemphasize that the individuals I have worked with in Research Accounting are very talented and intelligent. I would hate to see such an important department go through the struggles of turnover as it has in the past. The entire time I have been here, there has been talk of a re-engineering effort. However, the department remains the same. Hopefully, for the University's sake, change will come soon.

-- Michael DiNardo, Research Accounting/Comptroller's Office

Held for Response: A letter discussing the difficulty of finding details about the coverage levels of various medical plans has been held to allow time for a response, expected in time for publication next week.-- Ed.


Volume 43 Number 32
April 29, 1997

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