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You can imagine my consternation when I picked up the April 1 issue of Almanac and discovered the Christian Association was named under the section of Crimes Against Society due to "numerous citations issued for underaged drinking." While I received a good amount of teasing about what kinds of programming we are doing in this ministry, I must issue a formal clarification that this incident, which has happened more than once, in no way involves the Christian Association ministry but in fact, involves one of the tenants of this building, the Gold Standard and Palladium ownership.

I have received assurances from Lt. Weaver of the Penn Police that in the future any further criminal reports involving the tenants of this building will be issued with the tenant's name and not linked to the Christian Association. My apologies to any who might have been disturbed by this method of reporting. I trust it will not happen again.

-- Beverly Dale, Executive Director, CA


Volume 43 Number 31
April 22, 1997

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