Salary Guidelines For 1997-98

The principle guiding our salary planning for fiscal year 1998 is to pay faculty and staff competitively, in relationship to the markets for their positions, in order to acknowledge their contributions to the University and to help us remain a strong and financially viable institution. With this in mind, the following guidelines are recommended.

Faculty Increase Guidelines

Although individual faculty decisions are made at the school level, with Deans issuing to Department Chairs their own guidelines regarding resource constraints, certain standards have been established to which we ask all Deans to adhere:

The Provost will review the Deans' faculty salary recommendations prior to their release to insure that raises on average reflect market conditions in each discipline. The Provost must be consulted regarding any recommendations to provide either less than 2.0 percent or more than 6.0 percent salary increases for individual faculty, or to provide a total pool of over 4.0 percent (inclusive of the 0.5 percent referred to above).

Staff Increase Guidelines

The following guidelines should be followed when making staff salary increase decisions for the next fiscal year:

Making effective salary decisions is crucial as we move forward in our efforts to fulfill the University's mission. We believe this year's salary guidelines will reward faculty and staff for their overall contributions while maintaining the University's fiscal health.

-- Judith Rodin, President
-- Stanley Chodorow, Provost
-- John Fry, Executive Vice President


Volume 43 Number 31
April 22, 1997

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