Overviews: The Medical Plans

To help faculty and staff prepare for Benefits Open Enrollment, April 28­May 7, the Human Resources Department printed charts in Almanac detailing the available Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs): HMO-PA/DE, HMO-NJ, HIP of NJ, and Keystone Health Plan East. The second includes the Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan 100; PENNCare; and the new UPHS/ Keystone Point of Service plan. (Pricing for all plans appeared in the "Changes and Choices" brochure mailed to homes and also available from Human Resources.) Note: these charts are too large to display here, but can be seen in the print version of this issue of Almanac.

Note: These charts are too large to be shown here; please see the print version of this issue of Almanac or the brochure mailed to homes.

An important note about Open Enrollment: This year, to make changes in selections from last year, employees must both 1) return to Benefits a completed Personal Worksheet (with accompanying documentation, if needed use the prepaid envelope included in the "PennChoice" booklet); and 2) complete the enrollment process by phoning selections in to BEN, the Benefit Enrollment Network (details are in the BEN brochure, included in the "Penn Choice" booklet, or available from Human Resources). BEN is in service 24-hours a day only during Open Enrollment, April 28­May 7.

You cannot call in to BEN before or after those days.

Open Enrollment information meetings continue to be held this week according to the schedule posted in both the 4/8 Almanac and the "Your Guide to Open Enrollment" flyer. For additional information about Open Enrollment, call Human Resources Benefits, 898-7282.


Volume 43 Number 31
April 22, 1997

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