Vice Provost/Computing: Dr. O'Donnell

Dr. James J. O'Donnell, professor of classical studies and Interim Vice Provost for Information Systems and Computing (ISC) since February 1996, has been named to the permanent position, according to a joint announcement by Provost Stanley Chodorow and Executive Vice President John A. Fry. The appointment is effective immediately.

"I'm delighted that Jim has accepted this assignment," Dr. Chodorow said. "In the year that he has served as Interim Vice Provost, he has done a wonderful job. I'm particularly pleased that we have found a Vice Provost for Information Systems and Computing who is so deeply knowledgeable and so well attuned to our academic programs and needs of the University."

"Jim O'Donnell has demonstrated in real and meaningful ways that he has the vision and depth of knowledge necessary to move our information systems and computing services forward in this technology-driven environment," Mr. Fry said. "Computing has become central to our teaching and research missions, and it is vital in the delivery of administrative services."

Dr. O'Donnell has gained national recognition for his innovative use of information technology in teaching and research. In 1994, he initiated the first "virtual classroom" at Penn, a graduate-level Latin seminar on the philosopher Boethius, which spanned some nine time zones.

Under his leadership, ISC has implemented a new delivery system operated as a public utility with service-level agreements, campus-wide standards, and a campus governing board--a "public utility commission"--to keep it responsive.


Volume 43 Number 30
April 15, 1997

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