Available this Week: An Environmental Guide

In effort to aid faculty and staff to reduce the environmental impact of Penn, The Penn Environmental Group in conjunction with Penn Recycling, is publishing a guide entitled Minimizing Your Environmental Impact. The guide will be available for distribution beginning the third week of April. The guide illustrates simple ways in which we can conserve energy and natural resources and prevent pollution.

The guide begins by listing several ways to conserve water. It then goes on to provide helpful hints on how to reduce the consumption, and consequently waste, of materials and electricity. It gives useful information on recycling and reuse of products. The next section provides information about how to purchase environmental products and where recycled products can be purchased. The last part of the guide talks about how to minimize air pollution from motor vehicles by car pooling, using public transit, and using bicycles.

Overall, the guide provides us with reminders of the small contributions we can make to improve the condition of the environment we live in. In the spirit of thinking globally and acting locally, go to it! For a copy of the guide or more information e-mail pennenv@dolphin.upenn.edu or call Mike at 732-9202. There will be 2500 copies available for distribution.

-- Azra Salim, Wh '00


Volume 43 Number 30
April 15, 1997

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