Now Sara Steele Art Exhibit; originally scheduled for March 19-April 17, changed to April 3-May 31; opening reception, April 17, 4-6 p.m.; Penn Women's Center.


15 Proper Use of Biological Safety Cabinets and Fume Hoods--How They're Constructed, How They Work; James Hederman, The Baker Company; 1:30-3 p.m.; Class of '62, Morgan Building (Environmental Health and Safety).


8 Breaking the Drug Habit: Punishment vs. Public Health; Kenneth Sharpe, Swarthmore College; Alcohol and Other Drug Awareness Week lecture; 7:30 p.m.; Room B-6, Stiteler Hall (Drug and Alcohol Resource Team; SP; Connaissance).

9 Lymphocyte Signal Transduction Through Bruton's Tyrosine Kinase; Owen Witte, UCLA; 12-1 p.m.; Wistar Auditorium, Wistar Institute (Institute for Human Gene Therapy).

New Insights Into the Muscle Contraction Mechanism: Structural and Mechano-Chemical Studies; Roger Cooke, UC-San Francisco; 4 p.m.; Physiology Conference Room, Richards Building (Pennsylvania Muscle Institute).

11 Gene Therapy into the Central Nervous System for Lysosomal Disorders (Gangliosidosis); Edward Kaye, St. Christopher's Hospital for Children and Allegheny Health Sciences University; 10-11 a.m.; Austrian Auditorium, Clinical Research Building (IHGT).

Nuclear Receptors: A Superfamily; Ronald Evans, Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Salk Institute; Carl F. Schmidt Honorary Lecture; 4 p.m.; Class of '62 Room, Morgan Building; dinner: $25; RSVP: Chris Rutledge, 898-8416, 6 p.m.; Faculty Club (Pharmacology).

14 Thin Filament-Mediated Regulation of Cardiac Contraction, or Overcoming Inhibition to Achieve your Heart's Desire; Larry Tobacman, University of Iowa, 2 p.m., Physiology Conference Room, Richards Building (Pennsylvania Muscle Institute).

15 The Parasympathetic Nervous System, Glucose Metabolism and Obesity; Karen Teff, Monell Chemical Senses Center; 11:30 a.m.; Monell Center, 3500 Market St. (Monell Center).

The Meaning of Citizenship: Service Learning, Liberal Education, and the Rebirth of Democracy in our Time; Harry Boyle, University of Minnesota; 3-5 p.m.; Ben Franklin Room, Houston Hall (CAS; Urban Studies; Penn Program for Public Service; Center for Community Partnerships).

16 The Policy on Euthanasia in the Netherlands; Herbert Barnard, counselor for health, Royal Dutch Embassy; 7 p.m., Room B-6, Stiteler Hall (Dutch Studies Program).


Deadlines: The deadline for the May at Penn calendar is April 15. The deadline for the weekly Update is the Monday prior to the week of publication.


Volume 43 Number 29
April 8, 1997

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