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Call for Proposals: Research Pilot Projects in Community-Based Primary Care Community-Based Primary Care

The Office of the Associate Dean for Health Services Research (OADHSR) encourages innovative patient-oriented research. By funding pilot studies, the OADHSR seeks to help UPHS researchers attract external support for large-scale studies. The OADHSR is requesting proposals for pilot research, demonstration, and evaluation projects examining issues of direct relevance to community-based primary care. This call for proposals is intended to stimulate projects that inform primary care practice and that will provide the pilot data necessary for subsequent peer-reviewed external grant funding. Up to five pilot projects of up to $20,000 each will be competitively awarded under this initial solicitation. The nine-month project period begins September 1, 1997. Projects must be completed by May 30, 1998.


The Office of the Associate Dean for Health Services Research coordinates the UPHS Practice-Based Research Network. The network is composed of community physicians in Clinical Care Associates (CCA) and Clinical Practices of the University of Pennsylvania (CPUP). Our goal is to facilitate interdisciplinary research on the organization, delivery, and quality of health care, using its clinical practices as a model.

The Program

Proposals will be evaluated on their potential to inform and enhance patient care and to acquire future peer-reviewed external funding. No specific University investigators, topics, or type of research are excluded. However, proposals should address issues of importance to community-based primary care physicians.

Examples of issues that pilot projects might address are: 1) analysis of referral behaviors among community-based and hospital-based physicians; 2) differences in physician practice patterns in treating common chronic and acute conditions; 3) evaluating the feasibility of a clinical trial of a new technology; or 4) the relationships between primary care and specialty care practice. The investigator must collaborate with CCA or CPUP community practices in some way, such as recruiting community physicians as co-investigators and/or recruiting CCA and CPUP patients as study participants. (These examples are not exhaustive.)

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

Any UPHS clinician, UPHS-affiliated faculty member, or a faculty-sponsored UPHS Fellow is eligible to apply. Investigators who have already received funding for their proposed projects are not eligible for this solicitation.

For favorable consideration under this solicitation, proposals must examine important issues in community-based primary care (or in specialty care as they relate to primary care) and their effects on outcomes, quality, access and/or costs. Proposals will be assessed using the following criteria:

Other Requirements

All investigators receiving Pilot Project grant funds must submit a final report to the Office of the Associate Dean for Health Services Research at the end of the funding period. Investigators must also present their findings at a Practice-Based Research Network CME event. All publications resulting from this study must acknowledge the Office of the Associate Dean for Health Services Research's Pilot Projects Program and CCA/CPUP. Investigators should send a copy of these publications to the OADHSR.

Use of Grant Funds

Funds may be used to support project staff salaries and benefits (up to 0.5 FTE), consultant fees, data management, supplies and other direct expenses. Funds may not support faculty or fellow salaries.

How to Apply

UPHS investigators should submit 10 copies of a project proposal to the OADHSR. This proposal must contain the following items:

Do not send this proposal to the University Office of Research Administration before submitting it to the OADHSR.

The deadline for submitting applications is May 30, 1997. Send applications to:

Office of the Associate Dean for Health Services Research
Ralston House
3615 Chestnut Street, Room 247
Philadelphia, PA 19104-2676

For additional information, please contact the Office of the Associate Dean for Health Services Research by telephone (215) 898-9412, fax (215) 573-6423 or e-mail You can also write to the OADHSR at 3615 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104-2676 or visit us on the World Wide Web at

International Programs Fund: 1998 Applications

The University of Pennsylvania's endowment fund for international programs provides support for area and international studies within the context of Penn's Agenda for Excellence. The fund is used as seed money to initiate projects or experimental programs on a short-term basis, not to maintain ongoing programs. The International Programs Fund primarily supports faculty activities. Faculty are encouraged to conduct collaborative research with colleagues abroad, especially at institutions with which Penn has formal cooperative agreements. Awards are normally in the range of $10,000-15,000. For application guidelines, please call 898-4665.

The deadline for 1998 applications is January 20, 1998.

-- Joyce M. Randolph, Director, Office of International Programs

Pennsylvania Muscle Institute Mini-Research Grants

Statement of Purpose

Motility of cells, organelles, membranes and molecules underlies the behavior of living systems. The proteins effecting this complex variety of motile events in cells range from motor proteins like kinesin, dynein and myosin, their filamentous partners, tubulin and actin, their regulatory and modulatory factors, controllers of spatial targeting within the cell, to mechanisms that coordinate motility with specific events such as mitosis and establishment of cell polarity. To encourage Penn researchers to explore novel approaches to studies of motility in their fields of interest, the Pennsylvania Muscle Institute (PMI) has initiated a new Mini-Research Grant Program.

The PMI will award one-year grants of seed funds up to $10,000 to successful proposals that explore novel aspects of skeletal, cardiac and smooth muscle, non-muscle cell motility, development, expression and assembly of contractile and motile organelles. Preference will be given to new initiatives, new collaborations and junior faculty.

The Application Process

The application consists of a three-page proposal, giving the background, objectives, experimental approach and discussion of expected results. In addition an abstract, budget (one page), brief curriculum vitae including recent publications, current research support and list of other pending proposals should be submitted. Applications are due by June 1, 1997. Successful applications will be funded as early as July 1, 1997, for a one-year period.

All applications involving human subjects, animals, and hazardous or radioactive materials must receive institutional approval prior to funding.

Please send the original and 4 copies of the grant application to Dr. Yale E. Goldman, Director, Pennsylvania Muscle Institute, D-700 Richards Building, School of Medicine, 19104-6083.


Volume 43 Number 28
April 1, 1997

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