Greenfield Intercultural Center: Valerie De Cruz

Valerie De Cruz, former assistant dean for multicultural affairs at Princeton, became the new director of the Greenfield Intercultural Center last month. A 1986 graduate of the University of Calgary with a B.S. in Psychology, Ms. De Cruz received her Masters of Education in Counseling from the Wichita State University in 1988.

Previously, Ms. De Cruz had served as assistant dean of students at Oberlin College from January 1989 to July 1993. During her tenure, she also took on the roles of director of Asian American affairs and coordinator of the counseling component at the college.

Her goals for the Center involve "understanding the complexities which surround race in American societies, while actively supporting students and minority communities." She also hopes to continue the Center's role in "fostering collaborations among different minority organizations in organizing activities and programs and with graduate and undergraduate students working together on various minorty issues."

She succeeds the Rev. Lawrence Burnley, who served as the Center's director from 1994-96 before leaving for Cleveland, Ohio, where he continues in the ministry as Secretary for Racial and Ethnic Constituency Education and Development for the Common Global Mission Board of the United Church of Christ and the Christian Church.


Volume 43 Number 28
April 1, 1997

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