Federal Relations' David Morse to the Pew Charitable Trusts

David Morse, who joined Penn 14 years ago as its first full-time director of federal relations, will leave the University on April 21 to become become director of public affairs at the Pew Charitable Trusts, one of the nation's largest private foundations.

A search for a successor has begun, and in the interim, the federal relations function will continue to be led by Vice President Carol Scheman, with the assistance of Carl Maugeri, Associate Director, and Micheline Murphy, Policy Analyst, both in the Office of Federal Relations.

As federal relations director and then as associate vice president for policy planning, Mr. Morse has both represented Penn in Washington and led in many of the joint higher education efforts that deal with national policy, such as those of the Consortium on Financing Higher Education and the Association of American Universities (AAU). Since 1995, he has been one of the key strategists behind the Science Coalition, a Washington-based group of more than 400 universities, scientific and engineering societies, voluntary groups, corporations, Noble Laureates, former Cabinet officers and other prominent individuals organized to advocate on behalf of robust federal support for university-based research as a matter of national interest. The Coalition, initiated at the behest of President Rodin, Trustee Chairman P. Roy Vagelos, and leaders of several other universities, has been cited by media as one of the most significant forces behind renewed interest and support for basic science and technology funding.

"David's expertise and leadership on key issues have positioned Penn to be a major player in some of the most significant higher education policy issues of our time," said President Judith Rodin. "His deep appreciation for the concerns and needs of students, faculty and administrators--the entire enterprise of higher learning-- have made him an asset not only to Penn, but to all concerned with improving higher education in our country." VP Scheman praised Mr. Morse's work with all levels of government, "building bridges between Congress and the education community at a time when the public perception of the role of colleges and universities was undergoing tremendous change. He leaves the University a legacy of excellent relations with our federal elected leaders."


Volume 43 Number 27
March 25, 1997

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