Campus Police Contract

The University and the Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge #113, have reached an agreement that successfully concludes several months' contract negotiations, according to a joint announcement Tuesday.

The terms of the agreement, which applies to the police officers, corporals, and detectives in the Division of Public Safety, have not been disclosed. It will be in effect through July 31, 1999.

Director of Police Operations Maureen S. Rush said the Division is pleased with the conclusion and "particularly pleased that the Division of Public Safety continued to serve the campus community at a high level during the course of these negotiations."

FOP President Hugh McBreen said the FOP negotiating committee "did a fine job in getting the best possible agreement for its members. All parties will continue to look at other areas of mutual concern, but we're pleased with the settlement we've reached with Penn."

A Nonviolent Response to Violence: March 31

A program called From Fear to Hope: A Nonviolent Response to Violence is being presented at the Newman Center on March 31 at 7:30 p.m., open to all members of the Unviersity community. Families and friends of victims are guest speakers. They include:

John and Kathy Polec, parents of Eddie Polec, a teenager killed in Northeast Philadelphia;
Richard Rosin, Esq., a friend of Moez Alimohamed, the Penn graduate student murdered in University City; and
Corine Toms, whose son was murdered in West Philadelphia.

Co-sponsors are the University's Department of Public Safety, Office of Community Relations, Chaplin's Office, and community groups including the Jewish Social Action Committee, Anti-Violence Partnership of Philadelphia, Mantua Against Drugs (MAD), South of Market Against Drugs (SOMAD), Intercultural Family Services, Neighborhood Development Project, Covenant Community Church, Maryknoll, St. Agatha St. James Church, and Drexel Newman.

Sign-up Sports: Golfing, Fishing and Volleyball

The Department of Recreation announces three April events open to faculty and staff, all

For further information on these events, contact Murray Grant at the Recreation Department at 898-8331.


Volume 43 Number 27
March 25, 1997

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